Looking for excellent car hire at an affordable price? At Sunshine Coast Hire Cars, we offer you great deals for great prices.
We offer car hire for long or short term use and we even pick you up from your hotel or airport for hires longer than three days.
With clean and reliable cars on offer you wont be disappointed and with so much to see and do on the Sunshine Coast. It all becomes available to you with your car hire from us. We do the hard work of finding the best deals on the Sunshine Coast and then making it even cheaper, So you don’t have to. Located perfectly, right next door to the Sunshine Coast airport.

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What is stopping you from exploring the beauty and richness of Sunshine Coast? Is it a set of wheels, then, worry not as we are here. A leading, renowned and most looked upon car rental service provider. Our services extend from car hire Maroochydore airport to long term car hire for the Sunshine Coast. We guarantee unbeatable cheapest prices on the Sunshine Coast. We have an extensive variety of cars starting from five door hatch to sedans to wagons and eight seaters all unbelievably low cost. The wide variety of cars gives you freedom to choose one that can best suit your needs and requirements. If you are on trip with your group of friends then 5 or eight seater is just apt for you and if you love birds are here on honeymoon then a small car is all you need. We ensure to make your Sunshine Coast experience fun, comfortable and completely budgetary.

Sunshine Coast Car Hire

We value our relationship with you and thus present you with hot deals like, free hotel pickup for 3 day car hire or more, Free Maroochydore Sunshine Coast airport pick up and drop off. And don’t worry about the easily occurring scratches on our cars we hardly mind them and won’t be charging you extra for a hardly seen scratch totally unlike other car rentals. We present you with exact packages and tariffs the very first time you come to us, there won’t be any extra charges or hidden cost you can be unstressed about unexpected charges. All our cars are in their best shape and are licensed for Sunshine Coast. They can make your voyage seamless and undisturbed. Our cars are not more than a decade old and are swift and smooth.
Feel free to call us to know our specials or to book a fleet. We look forward to hearing from you when you book your Car Hire Maroochydore Airport on the Sunshine Coast.

Explore the Sunshine Coast with Car Hire from the Maroochydore Airport